Momentum Investing Strategy


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What You Will Learn

Why catching momentum is important?

How to use momentum to outperform benchmarks?

How to manage drawdowns?

How to exit from stocks before they lose momentum?

Your Course Overview

2 sections 4 topics 42 mins 55 sec content

1. Introduction

25 mins

Introduction to Momentum Investing

Structural Approach to Investing

About The Course

Welcome to the course on Momentum Investing Strategy on In this course, Alok Jain delves into crucial factors essential for embarking on your stock market investing journey. Topics include drawdown management, harnessing the power of compounding to generate additional returns annually, and acquiring insights into constructing a straightforward yet distinctive strategy for Momentum Investing. This strategy has a track record of outperforming the markets and facilitating wealth creation.

In lesson 1, Introduction to Momentum Investing Strategy, you will learn the significance of adopting a structured approach to investing. Additionally, we will gain insights into the influence of various biases on our decision-making processes.

Lesson 2, Momentum Investing Strategy, you will begin by comprehending the concept of momentum investing, and explain the diverse factors that contribute to measuring momentum. The course will also outline the rules governing momentum strategies and burst common myths associated with momentum trading.

Course Highlights:

- Learn the importance of momentum investing
- Learn how to manage drawdowns
- How to use momentum to outperform the benchmark
- Burst myths around momentum trading

Who is this course for:

- Beginners eager to learn momentum investing
- Individuals willing to beat the benchmark
- Anyone who is considering starting their investing journey

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Alok Jain, founder of Weekend Investing, has 27+ years of stock market experience. He's dedicated to creating trading and investing models that outperform the market, resulting in one of the country's top-performing smallcases.

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