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Investing Strategy Course

Cyclical Investing Strategy


Learn from Nikhil Gangil

What You Will Learn

Understand different cycles that impact the stock movements

Create a Fundamental Analysis Screener to pick multibagger stocks

Your Course Overview

2 sections 4 topics 33 mins 23 sec content

1. Introduction to Cyclical Investing

2 mins


About The Course

Welcome to the course on Cyclical Investing Strategy, on Upsurge.club. In this course, you will understand the impact of various cycles on stock movements. You will also learn the Fusion strategy refined by Nikhil Gangil for value investing. We will also learn the art of finding an undervalued sector.

In lesson 1, Introduction to Cyclical Investing, you will initiate your journey by understanding the distinctions between investing, trading, and speculation. We have also provided a comprehensive overview of the course.

In lesson 2, Framework to Nikhil Gangil's Approach to Cyclical Investing, you will delve into the identification of multibaggers through the utilization of diverse parameters. The course will introduce the Fusion Strategy, refined by Nikhil, showcasing impressive performance with over 40% 10-year CAGR on back-tested data and exceeding 70% CAGR on a 3-year forward basis. Additionally, you will thoroughly examine the merits and demerits of this strategy, and dissect different cycles such as the Economic cycle, Industrial cycle, and Sentimental cycle to comprehend the nuances of timing. The module will also cover triggers crucial for selecting companies poised for future success while equipping participants with the skills to discern undervalued sectors effectively.

Course Highlights:

- Learn the importance of momentum investing
- Understand different cycles that impact stock movements
- Create a Fundamental Analysis Screener to pick multibagger stocks
- How to pick an undervalued sector

Who is this course for:

- Beginners eager to learn cyclical investing
- Individuals willing to find undervalued stocks
- Anyone who is considering starting their investing journey

Learn From - Nikhil Gangil



10+ Years

1,566 Learners

Nikhil Gangil

Nikhil Gangil is the founder of Intrinsic Value Equity Advisors. He comes with 10+ years of experience in the market. He obtained his M.tech from IIT MADRAS. Having worked in and around Cyclical companies, Nikhil gained insights into how they work and how value can be created around them for investors. His expertise is in finding well-growing companies at wonderful valuations. His smallcase has given phenomenal performance of more than 42% CAGR for the last 2 years.

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