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Stock Market Investing Course

Complete Course on Indian Stock Market


Learn from Prasad Lendwe

What You Will Learn

Build a checklist for stock picking

Avoid common mistakes in the stock market

Pick rapidly growing stocks

Develop the right mindset for stock market investing

Your Course Overview

5 sections 8 topics 6 hrs 4 mins content

1. The Art of Picking Multibagger Stocks

1 hr

The Skill of Identifying Fast-Growing Stocks

Top 3 Important Checks Before Buying a Stock

About The Course

Welcome to the Complete Course on Indian Stock Markets at Upsurge.club, where you will embark on a comprehensive journey to master the essentials of navigating the dynamic Indian stock market. This specially curated course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and excel in the Indian stock market.

In Lesson 1, The Art of Picking Multibagger Stocks, we set the foundation for you to explore the basics of stock market. You will delve into the skill of identifying fast-growing stocks and gain insights into the top three essential checks that you must do before buying a stock.

Lesson 2, Buying Right Stocks at the Right Price, is dedicated to providing you with a strategic approach to acquiring high-quality stocks at the best valuations. We will also give out the secret to the ultimate valuation hack that every investor should know.

Lesson 3, Stock Analysis Techniques, focuses on practical techniques for analyzing banking stocks, offering you valuable insights into understanding this specific sector.

Lesson 4, Developing the Right Mindset in Stock Markets, dives into the psychological aspects of stock market investing. You will gain an understanding of the psychology behind successful investing and learn to avoid common mistakes made in the stock market.

Lesson 5, Mutual Fund Analysis, provides you with a step-by-step guide on choosing the best mutual fund tailored to your needs.

Our stock market course aims to empower you with a comprehensive skill set, enabling you to navigate the intricacies of the Indian stock market with confidence.

Course Highlights:

-Learn essential concepts of the Indian stock market
-Master the art of picking multibagger stocks
-Understand strategic approaches to stock selection and valuation
-Explore practical stock analysis techniques
-Develop the right mindset for successful stock market investing
-Gain proficiency in mutual fund analysis

Who is this course for:

-Individuals seeking to understand and navigate the Indian stock market
-Anyone who wants to learn the basics of stock market
-Those looking to master the art of picking stocks for long-term growth
-Investors interested in acquiring high-quality stocks at optimal valuations
-Anyone wanting to develop a strategic mindset for successful stock market investing
-Those eager to explore mutual funds and make informed investment decisions

Learn From - Prasad Lendwe


Founder of FinnovationZ & Convey

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Trained over 50 lakh investers & traders

Prasad Lendwe

Prasad Lendwe is the founder of Finnovationz. He has 10+ years of experience in the stock market and has trained over 50 Lakh budding investors & traders. His individual portfolio has generated a 17.5% annual returns on a consistent basis.

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