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Option Trading Course

Options Trading for Beginners


Learn from Jyoti Budhia

What You Will Learn

Foundational principles for options trading

Essential terminology and key indicators

Wide range of options trading strategies

Practical learning through real-life examples

Your Course Overview

3 sections 24 topics 4 hrs 38 mins content

1. Foundations of Options Trading

1 hr

Introduction to Options: Call and Put

Calculating Profits and Losses in Call Options

Calculating Profits and Losses in Put Options

Long and Short Positions in Options

Writing (Selling) Call and Put Options

Comparing Options Buying and Selling

Understanding Options Payoff Diagrams

What is the Concept of Moneyness?

Understanding Moneyness using NSE India's Website

Module 1 Recap

About The Course

Welcome to Options Trading for Beginners on Upsurge.club, where you will gain a solid understanding of options trading. This comprehensive course is specially designed for beginners, providing you with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the world of options trading.

In Lesson 1, Foundations of Options Trading, we will build a strong foundation for your options trading journey. First, we will give you a clear course overview and set specific goals for what you will learn by the end. Then, you will understand the fundamental concepts of options, including both call and put options, and will also learn how to calculate potential gains and losses for each. Additionally, we will examine how long and short positions work in the options market, as well as the strategy of writing or selling call and put options. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of options buying and selling, to help you make well-informed decisions. To make complex option trading scenarios easier, we'll also introduce you to options payoff diagrams. Lastly, we'll explore the concept of moneyness in options trading and share practical advice on how to assess it using NSE India's tools.

In Lesson 2, Options Trading Terminology and Indicators, we will cover important terms and tools that are key to improving your options trading skills. You will learn about the Greeks – Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega – and how they affect options pricing. We will also look at option interest and how to analyze option chains effectively. You will discover the importance of volatility and the VIX index, which is essential for options trading strategies. Additionally, we will explain the use of the put-call ratio (PCR) in options trading, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of the key elements in this market.

Lesson 3, Mastering Option Trading Strategies, is all about giving you the knowledge and skills you need to use different options trading strategies successfully. You'll learn about both long and short straddle strategies in detail, understanding how to use them effectively. We will then cover the iron butterfly strategy, explaining when and how to use it. You will become skilled in long and short strangle strategies, expanding your options trading toolkit. Next, we will thoroughly explain the iron condor strategy and also talk about managing risks while aiming for profits. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the bull call spread strategy for bullish market conditions, the bear put spread strategy for bearish markets, and the bear call spread strategy along with its applications. To wrap up this module, we will provide practical guidance on using the bull put spread strategy effectively.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and practical understanding required to excel in the world of options trading. Whether you aim to start trading in options from scratch or improve your current trades, the Options Trading for Beginners in Hindi course on Upsurge.club is your roadmap to success, especially if you're looking to learn all the option trading strategies in Hindi language.

Course Highlights:

- Learn option trading in Hindi
- Gain a solid foundation in options trading principles
- Learn option trading strategies in Hindi
- Understand the impact of options Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega)
- Master the art of moneyness in options.
- Learn to interpret options payoff diagrams.
- Develop proficiency in various options trading strategies, from straddles to spreads.

Who is this course for:

- Beginners interested in exploring the world of options trading, even with no prior experience.
- Anyone who is curious about understanding the fundamental concepts of options, including call and put options.
- Anyone who wants to use the Options Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega) to enhance their options trading skills.
- Aspiring traders looking to become experts in various options trading strategies, ranging from straddles to spreads.

Learn From - Jyoti Budhia


37+ Years of Experience

Registered NSE, BSE Trainer

Full-Time Trader

Jyoti Budhia

Jyoti Budhia has over 37 years of extensive trading experience and holds registrations as a trainer with prestigious organizations like the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and NISM. Her expertise has been shared with a remarkable 7000+ students in the field of trading, where she is particularly renowned for her exceptional skills in Options Trading and Technical Analysis.

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