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Option Trading Course

Price Action Strategy using CPR Indicator


Learn from Gomathi Shankar

What You Will Learn

How to use the CPR (Central Pivot Range) indicator

How to apply the CPR indicator to different timeframes

Day and swing trading with examples

How to spot and make confident, high-probability trades

Your Course Overview

3 sections 11 topics 1 hr 14 mins content

1. Introduction to the CPR Indicator and Your Instructor

4 mins

Meet Your Instructor and Course Overview

Understanding the CPR Indicator

About The Course

Welcome to the Price Action Trading Strategy using the CPR Indicator course on Upsurge.club, where we will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively understand price action and utilize the Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator in your trading journey. This comprehensive price action trading course is designed for both novice traders looking to explore price action strategies and experienced traders seeking to enhance their trading toolkit.

Lesson 1, Introduction to the CPR Indicator and Your Instructor, provides a solid foundation for your price action learning experience. You will get acquainted with your instructor and gain an overview of the course. This module also introduces the CPR Indicator and its significance in price action trading.

Lesson 2, Mastering the CPR Indicator, serves as the core of this course, where you will delve deep into the CPR Indicator in TradingView. You will learn how to perform various calculations related to the indicator and how to apply this analysis in real-world price action trading scenarios. We'll explore various types and variations of the CPR Indicator, providing you with a diverse set of tools to master your price action trading strategy. Real-world examples are a key feature of this module, as they are the best way to learn price action. Whether you're interested in swing trading or day trading, you will see how the CPR Indicator can be practically applied. You will first gain insights into using the CPR Indicator effectively for swing trading through real-life examples. Then, we will transition to day trading, where we will use practical learning to help you succeed in this fast-paced environment. Note that you need to use 'CPR with Pivot Levels - CPR by KGS' indicator in TradingView for the strategy.

Lesson 3, The Trader's Mindset: Risk Management & Trading Psychology, places a strong emphasis on understanding price action trading strategy, focusing on the trader's mindset, risk management, and trading psychology. You will acquire essential skills to protect your capital through effective risk management and position sizing. This module also delves into the psychological aspects of trading, helping you maintain discipline and handle the emotional challenges that traders often encounter.

As we conclude this comprehensive price action trading course, you will have gained a thorough understanding of the CPR Indicator and how to incorporate it into your price action trading strategy. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn price action or an experienced trader seeking to refine your approach, you will possess practical knowledge and actionable strategies to implement immediately.

Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the potential of the CPR Indicator and elevate your price action trading skills. This is the best way to learn price action trading and take control of your financial future. Enroll now in our Price Action Trading Course using the CPR Indicator and start your journey towards becoming a more confident and successful trader.

Course Highlights :

- Master the Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator for precise trading decisions.
- Apply CPR effectively on TradingView for real-time trading.
- Explore swing and day trading strategies tailored for CPR Indicator use.
- Learn crucial risk management techniques to protect your capital.
- Understand trading psychology and the emotional aspects of trading for disciplined decision-making.

Who is this course for :

- Beginners aiming to establish a solid understanding of price action strategies with a focus on the CPR indicator.
- Experienced traders seeking to expand their trading toolkit and incorporate the CPR Indicator into their existing strategies.
- Traders looking to enhance their skills in risk management and position sizing to protect their capital effectively.
- Anyone eager to explore both swing and day trading strategies tailored specifically for the CPR Indicator.
- Anyone seeking practical, real-world examples and insights to apply CPR Indicator analysis in their trading activities.

Learn From - Gomathi Shankar


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Gomathi Shankar

Gomathi Shankar, a full-time price action trader for 4+ years, is renowned for his CPR Indicator Strategies. He has shared his expertise with over 2000 learners, offering straightforward explanations with real-life examples to make trading concepts easier.

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