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Algo Trading Course

Intraday Strategy for Bank Nifty Futures


Learn from Kirubakaran Rajendran

What You Will Learn

Effective trading strategies by analyzing historical data

Automation for efficient and timely execution of trades

Skilful execution and evaluation of trading actions

Understanding of key stock market events and their potential impacts

Your Course Overview

3 sections 8 topics 42 mins 8 sec content

1. Instructor Introduction

1 min

Get to Know Your Instructor

About The Course

Welcome to our Bank Nifty trading course - Intraday Strategy for Bank Nifty Futures on Upsurge.club, where we will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to learn a unique and powerful data-driven strategy. This course is designed for traders looking to automate their trading strategies effectively by giving just 10 minutes each day!

In Lesson 1, Instructor Introduction, you will get acquainted with your course instructor, who will guide you through this journey of simplifying trading.

In Lesson 2, The Power of Simplicity in Trading, we understand the advantages of keeping your trading straightforward and simple. Usually, traders often complicate their trade set-up, but we will show you how keeping it simple can lead to better outcomes. We will also analyze real-world case studies of DHFL and YES Bank, to demonstrate the effectiveness of simplified trading strategies.

Lesson 3, Building Your Strategy, focuses on practical steps to establish clear trading rules, manage gaps effectively, set stop-loss and target levels, assess your trading performance, and handle drawdowns with resilience. Additionally, we will provide a downloadable Excel file to assist you in implementing your simplified trade set-up.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools to simplify your trades and approach the markets with clarity and confidence. This course will help you enhance your trading skills and utilize a strategy that can be executed in just 10 minutes a day.

Join us on this journey and improve your trading performance. Enroll to our Bank Nifty trading course now and take a step towards becoming a more successful trader.

Course Highlights :

- Gain insights into the power of simplicity in trading.
- Analyze real-world case studies of DHFL and YES Bank.
- Learn to establish clear trading rules for effective decision-making.
- Effectively manage and navigate through market gaps.
- Set precise stop-loss and target levels for risk management and profit maximization.
- Assess your trading performance and develop strategies to handle drawdowns.
- Access a downloadable Excel file to simplify strategy implementation.

Who is this course for :

- Traders with prior experience who want to refine their trading skills and incorporate a unique, time-efficient strategy into their existing trading toolkit.
- Traders looking for a trading strategy that requires only 10 minutes a day and can be automated.
- Traders who recognize the power of simplicity in trading and want to simplify their trading strategies.
- Anyone who wants practical, real-world examples and insights that you can immediately apply to your trading activities.
- Anyone who wants to learn a Bank Nifty trading course.

Learn From - Kirubakaran Rajendran


Founder, Squareoff

15+ Years

Trained 10,000+ students

Kirubakaran Rajendran

Kirubakaran Rajendran, founder of Squareoff.in, has over 15 years of experience as an algo trader and has imparted his knowledge to over 10,000 students through his courses. He is a regular contributor to Moneycontrol, where his insights are highly regarded.

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