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Technical Analysis Course

Intraday Trading Strategy


Learn from Raja Venkatraman

What You Will Learn

Gain confidence in trading intraday

Intraday trading using the Central Pivot Range (CPR) indicator

Effective intraday trading strategies

How to manage risks while doing intraday trading

Your Course Overview

5 sections 20 topics 2 hrs 42 mins content

1. Introduction and Overview

1 min

Course Introduction

About The Course

Welcome to the Intraday Trading Strategy course on Upsurge.club, where we will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to become an expert in the field of intraday trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or just beginning your intraday trading learning journey, our Intraday Trading Strategy course offers valuable insights and strategies.

In this opening module Introduction to Intraday Trading, we will dive into the world of intraday trading. We will define what intraday trading is, set the stage for the course, and give you a solid understanding of its significance in the financial markets. By the end of this module, you will be well-prepared to explore intraday trading in greater depth.

Module 2, Complete Guide to Intraday Trading, is your comprehensive guide to intraday trading. We will explore different intraday trading styles, the psychology behind successful intraday trading, and the pros and cons of this approach. You will also gain insights into the phases that make up an intraday trading day and learn how to set up your intraday trading environment. We will equip you with the skills to select the most suitable stocks for your strategy, setting the foundation for your successful intraday trading journey.

In Module 3, Understanding Central Pivot Range (CPR), we will introduce you to the Central Pivot Range (CPR), a powerful concept in intraday trading. You will learn about the fundamentals of mean reversion, pivot points, and their variations. We will learn about the Central Pivot Range and its potential impact on your trading strategy. You will understand narrow and wide ranges within CPR, explore CPR Trend Mode and CPR Confluence, and touch on Fibonacci and Camarilla Pivot Points. This module sets the stage for harnessing the full potential of CPR and making informed trade selections.

In Module 4, CPR-Based Trading Strategies, we transition from theory to practice. You will learn how to develop and implement trading strategies based on CPR, putting this powerful tool to work in real-world trading scenarios.

Efficiency is key in intraday trading. In Module 5, How to Trade efficiently?, we explore techniques and practices that enable you to trade efficiently and make well-informed decisions. By the end of this module, you'll be equipped with the skills to streamline your trading processes and optimize your intraday trading performance.

Join us in this journey to learn intraday trading and enrol in our Intraday Trading Strategy course now to take a significant step towards becoming a successful intraday trader.

Course Highlights:

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of Intraday Trading, from basics to advanced strategies.
- Master intraday trading styles and the psychology of successful trading.
- Learn to select the right stocks for intraday trading, and develop strategies based on Central Pivot Range.
- Enhance your trading efficiency, making informed and profitable decisions.
- Ideal for traders at all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, looking to excel in intraday trading.

Who is this course for?

- Traders looking to master the art of intraday trading, whether beginners or experienced professionals.
- Those interested in developing intraday trading strategies to enhance their portfolio.
- Anyone wishing to gain a deep understanding of trader psychology and effective trading decision-making.
- Aspiring intraday traders seeking practical insights into trading efficiently and consistently profitably.

Learn From - Raja Venkatraman


Founder, NeoTrader

8+ Years Experience

1678 Enrollers

Raja Venkatraman

Raja Venkataram, the co-founder of NeoTrader, has 8+ years of experience advising on equity, derivatives, and commodity trading.

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Priyal Khanna

Good insights shared.



Starting to move to Intraday Trading, good course.



Liked the course.

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