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Option Trading Course

Complete Course on Options Trading


Learn from Prasad Lendwe

What You Will Learn

Learn the basics of options trading

Understand options trading strategies practically

Implementing adjustments in trading strategies

Effectively managing risks in options trading

Your Course Overview

2 sections 15 topics 9 hrs 44 sec content

1. Introduction to Options Trading

2 hrs


Types of Options

Open Interest & Related Terms

Stock Options vs Index Options in India

About The Course

Welcome to the Complete Course on Options Trading at Upsurge.club, where you will start your journey to understand the necessary concepts of options trading. This specially curated options trading course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in understanding and implementing options trading strategies.

In Lesson 1, Introduction to Options Trading, we lay the groundwork for your options trading exploration. From a comprehensive introduction to the various types of options we have covered it all in this course. You will learn about open interest and related terms, and will also learn to compare stock options with index options in the Indian stock market.

Lesson 2, Options Trading Strategies, is dedicated to practical approaches in options trading. From strategies for buying call and put options to making adjustments in those strategies, you will learn the details of both buying and selling options. We will explore the use of options as a hedging tool and delve into advanced strategies such as ratio call selling, long straddle, and various selling, vertical spread, and ratio spread strategies in options.

Our options trading course aims to equip you with a skill set that will empower you to understand options trading in a step-by-step process.

Course Highlights:

-Learn important concepts of options trading
-Master various options trading strategies
-Understand the details of options buying and selling
-Explore advanced strategies like ratio call selling and long straddle
-Gain practical insights into using options as a hedging tool
-Learn to implement vertical spread and ratio spread strategies

Who is this course for:

-Beginners interested in exploring the world of options trading
-Anyone who wants to learn options trading
-Individuals looking to understand the basics of options, including types and market terms
-Anyone seeking to enhance their skills in options buying and selling strategies
-Traders eager to explore advanced options trading strategies
-Those interested in using options as a hedging tool for risk management

Learn From - Prasad Lendwe


Founder of FinnovationZ & Convey

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Trained over 50 lakh investers & traders

Prasad Lendwe

Prasad Lendwe is the founder of Finnovationz. He has 10+ years of experience in the stock market and has trained over 50 Lakh budding investors & traders. His individual portfolio has generated a 17.5% annual returns on a consistent basis.

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