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How to Pick Stocks for Long Term?
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Arvind Kothari

Mentored by Arvind Kothari

Founder, Niveshaay

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Key Takeaways

What You Will Learn

Learn to identify multibagger stocks

Gain comprehensive knowledge of a company

Evaluate the competition in the market

Understand strategies for selecting multibagger stocks

Course Curriculum

Multibagger Stock Selection Course

This course is all about finding stocks that can give you big returns on your investment. You will learn how to spot multibagger stocks that consistently do better than the rest of the market. The course covers important factors like financial performance, management expertise, capital allocation, and free cash flows that can help you identify such stocks. Through real-world case studies, you will gain practical knowledge on how to spot these multibagger stocks and make informed investment decisions

1. The Strategies

Your Instructor

Arvind Kothari

Hi! I'm

Arvind Kothari

Arvind Kothari is the founder and director of Niveshaay and has been practicing equity research and investment advisory for the last 12 years. After a 2 year stint at ICICI Bank as an industry research analyst, he has been successfully running Niveshaay Investment Advisors, which is a SEBI-registered investment advisory firm managing over 300 crore worth of corpus.

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