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Investing Strategy Course

How to Pick Stocks for Long Term?


Learn from Arvind Kothari

What You Will Learn

Learn to identify multibagger stocks

Gain comprehensive knowledge of a company

Evaluate the competition in the market

Understand strategies for selecting multibagger stocks

Your Course Overview

3 sections 13 topics 2 hrs 22 mins content

1. The Strategies

48 mins

Let's learn the art of picking multibagger stocks practically!

Why stereotype investing

How to pick emerging trends?


About The Course

Welcome to the course on How to pick stocks for Long Term, on Upsurge.club by Arvind Kothari, Founder Niveshaay. This course focuses on identifying stocks with the potential to deliver substantial returns on investment. You will gain insights into recognizing multibagger stocks that consistently outperform in the market. Key factors such as financial performance, management proficiency, effective capital allocation, and free cash flows will be explored to equip learners with the skills needed to identify such stocks. Real-world case studies will provide practical knowledge, offering a hands-on approach to spotting multibagger stocks and making well-informed investment decisions.

In lesson 1, How to Pick Multibagger Stocks?, you will delve into diverse strategies, including Ancillary industry, Pick and Shovel, and China Play, all designed to help you identify multibagger stocks.

In lesson 2, Case Studies, as the name implies, you will examine real-life examples illustrating the strategies discussed in the preceding module.

Lastly lesson 3 covers Premium Content to Read, where you will get exclusive access to premium research reports by Niveshaay, accessible solely for its top-tier investors.

Course Highlights:

- Learn to identify multibagger stocks
- Evaluate competition in the market
- Gain comprehensive knowledge of the company
- Understand strategies for selecting multibagger stocks
Who is this course for:

- Anyone who is considering long term investment
- Beginners eager to understand how to identify multibagger stocks
- Anyone who wishes to kickstart their investing journey

Learn From - Arvind Kothari


Founder, Niveshaay

12+ Years Experience

4,867 Learners

Arvind Kothari

Arvind Kothari, the founder and director of Niveshaay, has dedicated 12 years to practicing equity research and investment advisory.

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