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Investing Strategy Course

Complete Course on Fundamental Analysis


Learn from Prasad Lendwe

What You Will Learn

Fundamentals for finding winning stocks

Understand financial statements and forensic analysis

Practical insights on valuations

Learn to pick good investments from 5000+ companies

Your Course Overview

6 sections 15 topics 7 hrs 33 mins content

1. Understanding Company Management

56 mins

How to Analyse the Management of a Company?

How to Identify Signs of Poor Management?

About The Course

Welcome to the Complete Course on Fundamental Analysis at Upsurge.club, where you will start a comprehensive journey to master the essentials of fundamental analysis. This specially curated course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to analyse stocks using the fundamental approach.

In Lesson 1, Understanding Company Management, we set the base for you to learn fundamental analysis. You will gain insights into analyzing the management of a company and identifying any signs of poor management. This module serves as a solid foundation for evaluating the leadership of a company.

Lesson 2, Financial Statement Analysis, delves into the crucial aspect of understanding financial statements. From reading cash flow statements to analyzing profit and loss statements, and balance sheets, you will acquire practical skills in financial statement analysis.

Moving on to Lesson 3, Valuation Analysis, you will learn the details of valuation techniques. We break down the EV/EBITDA ratio, understand the PEG ratio, and explore the significance of human behavior and psychology in the valuation process.

In Lesson 4, Selecting Multibagger Stocks, you will delve into the exciting world of identifying and picking multibagger stocks. Learn what defines multibagger stocks and the step-by-step process to select them.

Lesson 5, Sectoral Analysis, takes you through the detailed analysis of specific sectors. Gain insights into the banking sector and understand the dynamics of the broking industry.

Finally, Lesson 6, Forensic and Product Analysis, introduces you to forensic analysis techniques and also explores product analysis.

In this fundamental analysis course, we prepare you with a skill set that will help you execute comprehensive fundamental analysis of stocks in the stock markets.

Course Highlights :

-Learn fundamental analysis concepts
-Master the art of evaluating company management
-Acquire skills in financial statement analysis
-Understand various valuation techniques
-Identify and select potential multibagger stocks
-Explore sectoral analysis for informed investment decisions
-Gain proficiency in forensic and product analysis techniques

Who is this course for :

-Analysts and investors keen on mastering fundamental analysis
-Anyone who wants to learn fundamental analysis
-Individuals interested in evaluating company management and financial statements
-Anyone looking to enhance their skills in valuation analysis
-Investors seeking to identify multibagger stocks and understand sectoral dynamics

Learn From - Prasad Lendwe


Founder of FinnovationZ & Convey

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Trained over 50 lakh investers & traders

Prasad Lendwe

Prasad Lendwe is the founder of Finnovationz. He has 10+ years of experience in the stock market and has trained over 50 Lakh budding investors & traders. His individual portfolio has generated a 17.5% annual returns on a consistent basis.

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