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Technical Analysis Course

Techno Funda Analysis


Learn from Nooresh Merani

What You Will Learn

Analyze diverse industries and sectors

Identify stocks with profit potential

Understand the movement of money in the stock market

Decide the right allocation in your portfolio

Your Course Overview

4 sections 11 topics 3 hrs 6 mins content

1. Introduction to Techno Funda Analysis

39 mins

Course Overview: Exploring Techno Funda Analysis

Sourcing of ideas - Fundamental Screening

About The Course

Welcome to the Techno Funda Analysis course on Upsurge.club, where we will equip you with the technical and fundamental knowledge and skills to become an expert in analyzing markets using both technical and fundamental analysis. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting your journey in market analysis, this course offers valuable insights and strategies.

In Lesson 1, Exploring Techno Funda Analysis, we will delve into the core concepts of this analytical approach. You will gain an understanding of how to source trading ideas through fundamental screening. This module lays the foundation for your journey into Techno Funda Analysis.

Lesson 2, Understanding Market Cycles & Sectoral Trends takes a deeper dive into market analysis. You will learn how to recognize market cycles and understand their directional trends. We will also explore technical screening methods, including chart patterns and price volume analysis, and discuss the importance of relative strength in different sectors.

Lesson 3, Ratio Analysis, focuses on an essential aspect of market analysis: ratios. You will learn to examine key ratios through ratio charts, explore equi-weighted indices, and understand the brute force approach to analysis.

In Lesson 4, Always Bullish on India, we bring a practical perspective to your analysis. You will gain insights on applying common sense in your analysis and conclude the course with a long-term bullish outlook on the Indian market.

By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to conduct comprehensive market analysis using a Techno Funda approach. Join us in this educational journey and enroll in the Techno Funda Analysis course now to take a significant step toward becoming a pro market analyst.

Course Highlights :

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of Techno Funda Analysis.
- Identify market cycles and understand directional trends.
- Master technical screening techniques, including chart patterns and price volume analysis.
- Understand the significance of relative strength in different sectors.
- Enhance your sectoral analysis with comparative relative strength.
- Develop expertise in ratio analysis, ratio charts, equi-weighted indices, and brute force methodology.

Who is this course for?

- Traders looking to master the art of Techno Funda Analysis.
- Those who want to understand market cycles and sectoral trends for informed decision-making.
- Traders looking to enhance their technical screening skills and sectoral insights.
- Anyone interested in exploring the power of ratio analysis in market analysis.

Learn From - Nooresh Merani


Founder, Analyse India

SEBI - Registered Research Analyst

15+ Years

Nooresh Merani

Nooresh Merani, a SEBI-registered research analyst and the founder of Analyse India, has successfully trained over 4,000 students in Technical Analysis over the past decade. He is seen regularly on channels like Moneycontrol and CNBC.

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