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Technical Analysis Course

Basics of Stock Market


Learn from Khagesh Agarwal

What You Will Learn

Establish a solid trading foundation

Acquire fundamental knowledge of the stock market

Evaluate the performance of NSE and BSE

Understand various asset classes and their market behaviour

Your Course Overview

3 sections 8 topics 1 hr 2 mins content

1. Introduction to Stock Markets

29 mins

Introduction to Stock Markets (Part 1)

Introduction to Stock Markets (Part 2)

Evaluation Stock Market Performance

Evolution of Trading Journey

About The Course

Welcome to our Basics of Stock Market course, a foundational journey into the world of financial markets, brought to you by Upsurge.club. This stock market course is designed to provide you with a solid base in the fundamental concepts and principles of the stock market. Whether you're a novice seeking to get started in your stock market learning journey or someone looking to refresh their knowledge, this online stock market course is your gateway to the financial world.

In Lesson 1, Introduction to Stock Markets, we will break down the core components of stock markets. The course starts with a comprehensive introduction, followed by an exploration of the stock market's performance and a historical perspective on the evolution of trading. This module sets the stage for your exploration of the stock market.

Lesson 2, Different Asset Classes, delves into the various asset categories that comprise the financial market landscape. Discover why equity, in particular, holds a special place in investment portfolios. Gain insights into the distinct characteristics of different asset classes and understand their relevance in the market.

Lesson 3, Embarking on Your Trading Journey with Upsurge.club, takes you into the practical aspects of becoming a trader. Explore what it means to transition into a full-time trader and understand the unique learning opportunities offered by Upsurge.club. This module equips you with the tools and resources to start your journey as a trader.

By the end of this course, you'll have a strong foundation in stock market basics and a well-rounded understanding of various asset classes. Join us on this educational expedition to learn stock market and enroll in the Basics of Stock Market course to take your first step toward financial market expertise.

Course Highlights:

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of stock market fundamentals.
- Explore the performance and history of the stock market.
- Understand the evolution of trading over time.
- Explore the different asset classes and their significance.
- Discover the unique attributes that make equity an essential component of investment portfolios.
- Prepare for your trading journey with insights from Upsurge.club.

Who is this course for?

- Aspiring traders seeking a solid introduction to the stock market.
- Individuals interested in evaluating stock market performance and history.
- Novices looking to explore different asset classes.
- Anyone keen to embark on their trading journey with the support of Upsurge.club.

Learn From - Khagesh Agarwal


13+ Years

Full-Time Trader

13,048 Learners

Khagesh Agarwal

Khagesh Agarwal, a stock market enthusiast with 13+ years of charting experience, brings a strong background from previous roles at Barclays Corporate Investment Bank and Goldman Sachs.

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