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Option Trading Course

Price Action Strategy in Options Trading


Learn from Kaushik Akiwatkar

What You Will Learn

How to identify the most suitable Moving Average settings

Understanding price patterns and market structures

The art of selecting the optimal Option Trading strategy

Execute trades accurately and efficiently

Your Course Overview

3 sections 12 topics 1 hr 44 mins content

1. Introduction to Price Action in Options Trading

37 mins

Starting Your Price Action Options Trading Journey

Understanding Different Market Trends

Identifying Price Patterns

What is the Significance of Moving Averages?

Summarizing Module 1

About The Course

Welcome to the complete Price Action in Option Trading course on Upsurge.club, where we will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to master the intricacies of option trading through price action. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey, this course is designed to provide valuable insights and strategies.

In Lesson 1, Introduction to Price Action Option Trading Journey, you will begin your exploration of price action trading within the realm of options. We will understand various market trends, identify crucial price patterns, and unlock the significance of moving averages in this context. This module will provide a solid foundation for your option trading education.

Lesson 2, Identifying Market Trends and Ranges, takes you deeper into the world of options trading. You will develop the skills necessary to distinguish between different market phases, including trends and non-trends. Additionally, we will focus on recognizing non-directional market ranges and learning from the failures of trading patterns.

In Lesson 3, Executing Your Trading Strategy, we will guide you through the practical execution of your option trading strategy. You will learn about the key elements of entering a trade effectively, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. As the course concludes, we will summarize the essential takeaways from each module, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of the Price Action Option Trading Strategy.

By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge and tools to navigate the world of options trading with clarity and confidence. Join us on this educational journey and enhance your trading performance. Enroll in our Price Action in Option Trading course now and take a significant step towards becoming a successful trader.

Course Highlights :

- Tap into the power of price action in options trading.
- Understand diverse market trends for informed trading decisions.
- Identify crucial price patterns to spot potential trading opportunities.
- Discover the significance of moving averages in the context of option trading.
- Master the art of recognizing market phases, including trends and non-trends.
- Develop skills to navigate non-directional market ranges effectively.
- Execute trades with confidence and precision.

Who is this course for :

- Traders seeking a comprehensive understanding of option trading and price action analysis.
- Anyone who is interested in refining their trading techniques with a focus on market trends, patterns, and moving averages.
- Individuals looking to improve their trading decisions through practical insights and strategies.
- Seasoned traders who want to incorporate price action principles into their existing option trading strategies.
- Anyone who wants to gain clarity and confidence in navigating the complexities of option trading.

Learn From - Kaushik Akiwatkar


Founder, The Noiseless Trader

8+ Years

6,799 Learners

Kaushik Akiwatkar

With 8+ years in finance, Kaushik's unique trend identification method and rule-based trading approach have helped 3000+ learners master price action trading.

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