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Technical Analysis Course

Learn Technical Analysis in Hindi


Learn from Jyoti Budhia

What You Will Learn

Spot and interpret the different types of candlesticks & chart patterns

Learn to use the most suitable indicators and tools for your trades

Determine the correct entry point, target, and stop loss

Learn to manage risk and develop the right psychology for trading

Your Course Overview

7 sections 30 topics 9 hrs 23 mins content

1. Types of Charts

44 mins

Understanding Line Charts

Understanding Bar Charts

Understanding Candlestick Charts

Understanding Point & Figure Charts

Module 1 - Recap

About The Course

Welcome to our Technical Analysis in Hindi course on Upsurge.club, your complete guide to master technical analysis concepts, tools, and techniques. Whether you are a beginner eager to dive into the world of technical analysis or an experienced trader looking to sharpen your trading skills, in our technical analysis course you will build a strong understanding of concepts and gain the confidence to start your trading journey.

In the first lesson, Types of Charts, you will be introduced to the different types of price charts, which form the base to learn technical analysis. You will learn how to extract important market information from these charts, crucial for meaningful technical analysis.

In Lesson 2, Reading Charts, learn how to interpret price charts using effective principles like the Dow Theory. You will also discover how to adjust chart settings to a time frame most suitable to your trading style, and determine the right entry, exit and stop losses for your trades.

Lesson 3, Candlestick Analysis, is a deep dive into the world of candlesticks and candlestick patterns. You will learn the different types of candlestick patterns with practical, real-life examples and develop a robust understanding of defining entry and exit points using those patterns.

In Lesson 4, Indicators & Trendlines, you will learn how to draw trendlines like the support and resistance levels in different types of markets. You will also be introduced and taught how to use different types of indicators like VWAP, Supertrend, and Fibonacci, that give essential information about the movement and behaviour of a stock's price.

Lesson 5, Understanding Different Oscillators, is a complete guide on the various oscillators like the relative strength index, MACD, ADX, etc. You will also learn how to use combinations of different indicators and oscillators. This module will also guide you on selecting and optimizing the right indicator for your trading style.

In Lesson 6, Understanding Different Types of Chart Patterns, you will learn the different types of chart patterns like channels, wedges, flags, head & shoulders, etc. and learn to identify the most effective patterns for trading. This module will also touch upon the psychological aspect of trading and guide you on developing the right mindest to become a successful trader.

The concluding Lesson 7, Selecting the Right Stocks for Trading will bring together all the learnings from the previous modules. You will learn to select the right stocks for trading using powerful tools, guided with a practical example. The final module will give you confidence to start your trading journey.

Join us as we unlock the world of technical analysis by developing a robust understanding of its concepts and tools, helping you to become a better trader. Enroll in our Technical Analysis course today and start your stock market trading journey!

Course Highlights:

- Master the concepts, tools, and techniques of technical analysis.
- Spot and interpret the different types of candlesticks & chart patterns.
- Learn the different types of indicators and oscillators like VWAP, Fibonacci, MACD, RSI, and more.
- Determine the correct entry point, target, and stop losses for trades.
- Learn to manage risk and develop the correct psychology for trading.

Who is this course for:

- Anyone who wants to learn technical analysis
- Beginners eager to understand the concepts and techniques of technical analysis.
- Investors seeking to grasp the fundamentals of technical analysis.
- Individuals looking to refine their technical analysis skills, including candlesticks, chart patterns, and indicators.
- Anyone who wishes to improve their stock selection, risk management, and trading psychology.

Learn From - Jyoti Budhia


37+ Years of Experience

Registered NSE, BSE Trainer

Full-Time Trader

Jyoti Budhia

Jyoti Budhia has over 37 years of extensive trading experience and holds registrations as a trainer with prestigious organizations like the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and NISM. Her expertise has been shared with a remarkable 7000+ students in the field of trading, where she is particularly renowned for her exceptional skills in Options Trading and Technical Analysis.

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