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Stock Market Investing Course

Stock Market Investing for Beginners


Learn from Kunal Shah

What You Will Learn

Understanding the reasons why one should invest

Understanding the basics of how markets work

Knowing all the Technical Jargons of markets

Learning about various portals to analyse stocks

Your Course Overview

4 sections 17 topics 2 hrs 29 mins content

1. Why Stock Markets?

34 mins

Why Invest?

Why Invest in Equities?

Power of Compounding

Myths around Stock Markets

Delayed Gratification

Recap Module - 1

About The Course

Welcome to our course on Stock Market Investing for Beginners on Upsurge.club where we have explored the world of stock investing and have bursted myths around the stock market. It also covers important stock market ivesting terminologies and explains how to choose the right investment vehicle and further explains how to analyze a company. It concludes with how to use a broker's platform and screener.in

In lesson 1, Why Stock Investing?, you will learn the significance of stock market investing and discover the power of compounding. We will also burst myths around stock investing.

In lesson 2, Important Concepts of Stock Markets, you will learn key stock market terminologies including market capitalization, and market participants. You will also learn to differentiate between primary and secondary markets and comprehend their roles.

In lesson 3, How to Invest in Stock Market?, you will explore stock investing vehicles such as Mutual Funds and ETFs. You will also learn to analyze companies using publicly available data and a valuable tool, screener.in.

In lesson 4, Conclusion, we have given a recap of everything learned so far so that you can consolidate your understanding of the stock market investing to confidently take the next steps in your investing journey.

Course Highlights:

- Understanding the significance of stock investing
- Learn important stock market terminologies
- Explore different ways of investing in the stock market
- Using screener.in for company analysis

Who is this course for:

- Individuals who want to learn how to invest in stock markets.
- Beginners who want to learn stock investing principles and concepts.
- Those who are eager to learn the art of stock inveting.
- Anyone ready to embark on a fulfilling journey into the world of stock investing.

Learn From - Kunal Shah


Founder, Upsurge.club

5+ Years

11,416 Learners

Kunal Shah

Kunal, the co-founder of Upsurge.club, has a background in equity research and merchant banking, where he played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies raise millions of dollars. Notably, the companies he selected achieved remarkable returns of 8x-10x for the asset management company.Before starting Upsurge.club in 2020, Kunal made a career in equity research & merchant banking. During his stint in the banking industry, he has helped multiple companies raise 20 Million dollars; and while he was working as an equity analyst, his selected companies gave 8-10x returns to the asset management company

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