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Stock Market Valuation Course

Stock Market Valuation for Investing


Learn from Kunal Shah

What You Will Learn

Evaluating overall stock markets Valuations

Understanding if the markets are overvalued, undervalued or fairly valued

Learning how PE, PB and Dividend Yield works

Understanding macroeconomic factors and its relation with stock markets

Your Course Overview

5 sections 15 topics 1 hr 52 mins content

1. Introduction

3 mins


About The Course

Master essential valuation metrics like PE, PB, Dividend Yield, and CAPE ratio to assess stock market value. You will also learn a simple yet powerful investment strategy to outperform the Nifty Benchmark. To further understand stock market cycles, get ready to master relationships of macroeconomic parameters and stock markets and understand their impact on stock market valuations. Gain the skills to make informed and successful investment decisions.

Learn From - Kunal Shah


Founder, Upsurge.club

5+ Years

11,790 Learners

Kunal Shah

Kunal, the co-founder of Upsurge.club, has a background in equity research and merchant banking, where he played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies raise millions of dollars. Notably, the companies he selected achieved remarkable returns of 8x-10x for the asset management company.Before starting Upsurge.club in 2020, Kunal made a career in equity research & merchant banking. During his stint in the banking industry, he has helped multiple companies raise 20 Million dollars; and while he was working as an equity analyst, his selected companies gave 8-10x returns to the asset management company

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