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Stock Market Valuation Course

Basic to Advanced Excel


Learn from Sanjana Choksi

What You Will Learn

Basic financial set-up

Dynamic functions & formulas

Data analysis - Regression, What if Analysis

Pivot tables, V Look-up, Index Match

Your Course Overview

11 sections 49 topics 5 hrs 14 mins content


2 mins


About The Course

Welcome to the course on Excel for Finance on Upsurge.club that covers a range of topics that are essential for mastering this tool. Some of the key topics that are covered include Excel Layout and Settings, basic and advanced excel functions, charts and graphs, financial data analysis, time value of money, and macros which will provide you with a solid foundation for becoming a successful stock trader.

In lesson 1, Introduction, you will learn about the significance of acquiring expertise in Excel and get access to the course outline.

In lesson 2, Excel Layout & Settings, you will delve into various tabs and keyboard shortcuts in Excel, as well as investigate essential workbook settings that are beneficial for configuring our financial setup.

In lesson 3, Basic Financial Setup, you will gain the knowledge to establish an Excel layout tailored for financial modeling.

In lesson 4, Basic Functions, you will cover diverse functions, including IF, SUMPRODUCT, CONCATENATE, and many others.

In lesson 5, Advanced Functions, you will delve into advanced functions such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, CHOOSE, OFFSET, and other advanced techniques as part of our learning journey.

In lesson 6, Charts & Graphs, our focus will be on helping you master the creation of both basic and advanced charts. Additionally, you will explore the intricacies of crafting dynamic charts through the use of functions and data validation.

In lesson 7, Financial Data Analysis, you will examine various methods for analyzing financial data, including sensitivity analysis and scenario analysis. Additionally, you will gain proficiency in utilizing functions such as Goal Seeker and Solver, along with learning the application of Pivot tables.

In lesson 8, Time Value of Money, you will acquire knowledge of both fundamental and advanced functions related to the time value of money. Additionally, you will be proficient in calculating EMI.

In lesson 9, Macros, you will gain the skills to automate tasks through the use of macros.

In lesson 10, Basics of VBA, you will delve into essential concepts of VBA, covering topics such as coding, variable notation, utilizing functions like MsgBox, constructing logic using IF-Else and Case methods, and much more.

In lesson 11, , you will explore the process of conducting regression analysis in Excel, understanding how to analyze and interpret regression models for informed decision-making.

Course Highlights:

- Learn the basic financial set-up
- Explore dynamic functions & formulas
- Analyse data using Regression and What if Analysis
- Learn Macros and VBA

Who is this course for:

- Beginners who are eager to learn basic to advanced Excel
- Anyone who is considering making their career in the field of finance

Learn From - Sanjana Choksi


Reaserch Analyst

4+ Years Experience

2,227 Learners

Sanjana Choksi

Sanjana is a research analyst with experience in collaborating with private equity clients to support their investments, conduct portfolio analysis, and create investment memorandums.

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