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Algo Trading Course

Basics of Algo Trading


Learn from Vishal Mehta

What You Will Learn

Develop the mindset of a successful systematic trader

Implement a fundamental strategy on an algorithmic trading platform

Efficeintly manage risk through optimal position sizing

Build a trading system using strategies

Your Course Overview

4 sections 15 topics 2 hrs 20 mins content

1. Introduction to Algo Trading

55 mins

What is Algo Trading?

Different Types of Traders

Types of Systematic Traders

Notions of Systematic Traders

Expenses/Investments Required for Algo Trading

About The Course

Welcome to our Algo Trading course on Upsurge.club, where we will equip you with the right knowledge and skills required to become an expert in algorithmic trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting your journey , our algorithmic trading course offers valuable insights and strategies.

In Lesson 1, Introduction to Algo Trading, we will explore the fundamental concepts of algorithmic trading. You will gain a clear understanding of what algo trading is, the different types of traders involved, and the various systematic trading approaches. We will also delve into the notions that drive systematic traders and discuss the expenses and investments required for successful algo trading.

Lesson 2, Algo Trading Strategies, takes a deeper dive into the world of algorithmic trading. You will learn how to create trading rules using strategies such as Straddle, Strangle and Equity Mean Reversion. You will understand what Opening Range Breakouts are, and learn about indicators-based strategies. In this module, you will also learn to utilize candlestick formations.

Lesson 3, Position Sizing, Psychology & Risk Management, focuses on essential aspects of successful trading. You will gain insights into trader psychology and the psychological biases that can impact trading decisions. Additionally, we will delve into effective position sizing techniques and guide you in developing a comprehensive position sizing strategy.

In Lesson 4, Implementing Algo Strategies Practically, we provide a practical perspective on executing algo strategies in a trading system.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to become proficient in the field of algorithmic trading. Join us in this journey to learn algo trading and enroll to our Algo Trading course now and take a significant step towards becoming a successful algo trader.

Course Highlights :

- Gain a comprehensive understanding of Algo Trading.
- Learn the art of algo trading
- Learn to create and implement various trading strategies.
- Understand the psychological aspects of trading and how to manage risk effectively.
- Learn to execute algo strategies practically.

Who is this course for?

- Traders looking to master the art of algorithmic trading.
- Those interested in developing algorithmic trading strategies.
- Anyone wishing to understand trader psychology and effective risk management.
- Aspiring algo traders seeking practical insights into strategy execution.

Learn From - Vishal Mehta


Founder, Marketscanner

9+ Years Experience

2,792 Learners

Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta, a full-time independent trader and Global Director for CMT, is renowned for his systematic and algo-trading strategies. With extensive experience at leading financial firms like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

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