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Technical Analysis Course

Fibonacci Trading Strategy


Learn from Jyoti Budhia

What You Will Learn

Discover the power of Fibonacci numbers in trading

Learn how to plot & interpret Fibonacci retracement lines

Use Fibonacci concepts in channels, moving averages, and more.

Set targets, stop loss, entry & exit points using Fibonacci tools

Your Course Overview

3 sections 8 topics 2 hrs 21 mins content

1. Introduction to Fibonacci Sequence

1 hr

Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Setting Targets with Fibonacci Extensions

About The Course

Welcome to the Fibonacci Trading Strategy course on Upsurge.club. In this course, NSE & BSE registered instructor Jyoti Budhia, a full-time trader with market experience of 37+ years, will teach you all about the Fibonacci sequence and how you can use it to improve your trading. The course will not only deconstruct the Fibonacci sequence and teach you how to interpret it for trading, but will also teach you several useful strategies combining the Fibonacci sequence with other indicators, and assist you in determining entry points, setting stop losses, and defining targets. Whether you want to improve your trading accuracy with Fibonacci or are a trader looking to add a new trading strategy to your toolkit, this course is for you. Join us and learn to apply the Fibonacci sequence to enhance your trading strategies today.

Lesson 1, Introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence, is the first step to understanding the Fibonacci numbers and their uses in trading. Forming the foundation of this course, this lesson will introduce you to the world of Fibonacci numbers - how it was discovered, its construction, and its application in technical analysis and trading. You will learn how the Fibonacci sequence is constructed, its calculation, and its importance. Then, the course moves on to explain the Fibonacci retracement levels and how they can be used to determine important support and resistance levels in trading. You will also learn about Fibonacci extensions, which are a very helpful tool for setting targets for your trades.

In Lesson 2, Improving Accuracy with Fibonacci, we go one step further in applying the Fibonacci concepts in trading. You will learn the techniques to estimate corrections and pullbacks on charts using the Fibonacci retracement lines. You will also learn to combine the Fibonacci lines with different indicators like the RSI to formulate profitable trading strategies. This lesson will also teach you to determine entry points, set targets, and place stop losses with practical examples. Multi timeframe analysis and different types of candlestick patterns also form a part of this lesson. The instructor also highlights the uses of Fibonacci in different time frames and gives a few quick tips to improve trading accuracy.

Lesson 3, Additional Fibonacci Tools delves into a range of additional Fibonacci tools that can significantly improve your trading. Some of these can be used as trading strategies themselves. The first two topics of this lesson will make you familiar with Fibonacci Timezones and Fibonacci Channels, which are tools that will help you in analyzing support and resistance levels, and in identifying potential areas of price reversals. The final topic of this lesson will teach you a trading strategy that combines moving averages and the Fibonacci sequence. Finally, the instructor pulls from her extensive market experience of 37+ years to illustrate practical examples, warning of exceptions, and guides on how to set stop losses, targets, and manage capital as a trader.

Note that you would get most of the Fibonacci tools used in the course on the freely available version of TradingView. However, the instructor has used the TradingView Pro version in this course, and certain functionalities displayed on the screen may differ from the free version.

Course highlights:

- Discover the power of Fibonacci numbers in trading
- Learn how to plot & interpret Fibonacci retracement lines
- Use Fibonacci concepts in channels, moving averages, etc.
- Set targets, stop loss, entry & exit points using Fibonacci tools

Who is this course for:

- Intermediate-level traders who want to learn trading with the Fibonacci sequence
- Traders who want to enhance their trading skills by integrating Fibonacci concepts into their trading strategies
- Traders looking to add a Fibonacci trading strategy to their existing toolkit of trading strategies
- Anyone who wants to apply Fibonacci sequence and retracement lines to their trading

Learn From - Jyoti Budhia


37+ Years of Experience

Registered NSE, BSE Trainer

Full-Time Trader

Jyoti Budhia

Jyoti Budhia has over 37 years of extensive trading experience and holds registrations as a trainer with prestigious organizations like the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and NISM. Her expertise has been shared with a remarkable 7000+ students in the field of trading, where she is particularly renowned for her exceptional skills in Options Trading and Technical Analysis.

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