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Stock Market Valuation Course

Financial Modeling and Business Valuation


Learn from Kunal Shah

What You Will Learn

Importance of Financial Modeling and business valuations

Forecasting income statement, balance sheet, and cashflow statements

Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

Analyze and translate financial data on excel

Your Course Overview

7 sections 23 topics 4 hrs 46 mins content

1. Business Understanding

54 mins

Business Analysis

Industry Analysis

Boston Matrix

McKinsey Matrix

Boston & McKinsey for USL

About The Course

Welcome to the "Financial Modeling and Business Valuation" course on Upsurge.club, where you will learn to analyze a company, forecast its financial statements, and estimate its intrinsic value to make an informed investing decision.

Lesson 1, Understanding the Industry & Business, is an introduction to fundamental analysis. You will learn to analyze a company and understand the industry it operates in. You will also learn the Boston Matrix and McKinsey Matrix methods, which will help you in analyzing a company's portfolio of brands.

In lesson 2, Analyzing & Forecasting the Profit & Loss Statement, you will learn to forecast the important line items of the profit and loss statement like the revenue, expenses, operatin margins, etc., using USL as an example. You will also get an Excel financial model template to get started.

In lesson 3, Analyzing & Forecasting the Balance Sheet, you will learn to forecast tangible assets, current and non-current assets, as well as the different types of liabilities. You will also complete forecasting the remaining items of the profit and loss statement.

In lesson 4, Analyzing & Forecasting the Cash Flow Statement, you will use the skills gained from the previous modules and learn to forecast the 3 cash flow statements - operating, investing, and financing. This module concludes oyur financial statement forecasting process.

Lesson 5, Absolute & Relative Valuation, delves into the technique of valuing the shares of a company. You will learn to calculate different assumptions like the cost of equity, cost of capital, and the prepetual growth rate, required to estimate the intrinsic value of a comapny.

Lesson 6, Risk Management, is all about matching our assumptions with reality. You will learn scenario analysis and 'football field analysis', which will help you determine how appropriate your conclusions are.

Lesson 7, Relative Valuation for Multiple Industries, will touch upon the different valuation techniques you can employ while evaluating businesses from different industries. After this concluding module, you will be able to analyze and forecast the financial statements of a company and value it appropriately, depending on the industry it operates in.

Course Highlights:

- Build a comprehensive & dynamic financial model on Excel
- Undertake company analysis and industry analysis using various methods
- Forecast income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements
- Estimate the intrinsic value of a company using different techniques
Who is this course for:

- Anyone eager to learn financial modeling and valuation to make better investing decisions
- Equity research and investment banking aspirants
- Anyone who is considering a career in the field of finance

Learn From - Kunal Shah


Founder, Upsurge.club

5+ Years

11,481 Learners

Kunal Shah

Kunal, the co-founder of Upsurge.club, has a background in equity research and merchant banking, where he played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies raise millions of dollars. Notably, the companies he selected achieved remarkable returns of 8x-10x for the asset management company.Before starting Upsurge.club in 2020, Kunal made a career in equity research & merchant banking. During his stint in the banking industry, he has helped multiple companies raise 20 Million dollars; and while he was working as an equity analyst, his selected companies gave 8-10x returns to the asset management company

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