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How to Trade Small and Mid-Cap Stocks


Learn from Nooresh Merani

What You Will Learn

Learn how to trade small and mid-cap stocks successfully

Use chart patterns to identify the best entry and exit points

Analyze market phases in real-time using practical examples with indices

Follow a useful checklist for investing in small-cap stocks

Your Course Overview

7 sections 12 topics 2 hrs 39 mins content

1. Whys, Whens and Hows of Small & Mid Cap Trading?

33 mins

How to trade Small & Mid caps?

When to trade Small & Mid caps?

About The Course

Welcome to the course on How to trade Small & Mid Cap Stocks on Upsurge.club. If you are considering investing in Small and Mid Cap stocks then this course is indispensable. You will learn how to analyze these high-risk, high-return stocks using chart patterns and identify market phases for entering and exiting. The course provides practical examples, illustrating the application of these techniques, including their use with various indices.

In lesson 1, Why, When, and How of Small and Mid Cap Trading, as the name suggests we will study the Whys, Whens, and Hows of investing in Small & Mid Caps. We will begin with understanding market caps and then focus on the risk-return characteristics of Small & Mid Cap companies. You will also learn the importance of timing the market with real-life examples.

In lesson 2, Understanding Dow Theory, you will understand Dow theory and its phases using the BSE Small Cap Index chart.

Lesson 3, Checklist for Investing in Small & Mid Caps, will help you create a checklist for understanding favorable trends and when to start stock investing.

In lesson 4, Identify Bottoms in Small Caps, you will learn about different bottoming-out patterns like Falling wedges, Double bottom, Panic Divergence, and bottoming-out formations like Market Breadth and Relative Strength Index.

Lesson 5, When to get out of Small Caps, you will learn the strategy to exit Small Caps. While small caps have the potential for supernormal profits, they also carry the risk of supernormal losses. Therefore, understanding and implementing the right exit strategy is important.

In lesson 6, Using Technical Analysis for Small & Mid Caps, you will explore the art of stock trading by focusing on chart patterns and volumes. Gain insights into various chart patterns such as the cup and handle, triangles, channels, and flags, and learn how to leverage these patterns effectively in your stock trading endeavors

In lesson 7, Practical Case Studies, you will learn how to trade stocks through practical examples, ensuring a hands-on and applied approach to learning.

Course Highlights:

- Learn to trade small & mid caps successfully
- Use chart patterns to identify the best entry and exit points
- Analyze market phases in real-time using practical examples with indices

Who is this course for:

- Anyone who is considering investing in small and mid caps stocks
- Beginners eager to understand how to invest in these stocks
- Anyone who wishes to kickstart their investing journey

Learn From - Nooresh Merani


Founder, Analyse India

SEBI - Registered Research Analyst

15+ Years

Nooresh Merani

Nooresh Merani, a SEBI-registered research analyst and the founder of Analyse India, has successfully trained over 4,000 students in Technical Analysis over the past decade. He is seen regularly on channels like Moneycontrol and CNBC.

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