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Option Trading Course

Momentum Trading in Options


Learn from Vivek Gadodia

What You Will Learn

Strategy set up with Futures & Options

Strategy execution with Futures & Options

Learn how to backtest the strategy

Analyzing the strategy outcome

Your Course Overview

5 sections 13 topics 1 hr 21 mins content

1. Introduction to the Course

3 mins


About The Course

Momentum trading is a strategy that involves identifying a trend, following it, and potentially profiting from it. When combined with options, leverage can work in your favor. In this course, we will establish rules to create an original momentum trading strategy, implement it, and review its performance

Learn From - Vivek Gadodia


Founder & CEO at RBT Algo Systems

20+ Years

Guest Trainer at BSE Institute

Vivek Gadodia

Vivek Gadodia, the Founder and CEO of RBT Algo System brings over 20 years of experience in trading, technology, and financial markets. He is a guest trainer at BSE Institute and is known for systematic trading and portfolio management. He has previously worked at HSBC Bank, and MF Global.

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