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NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives


Learn from Himanshu Arora

What You Will Learn

Develop a complete understanding of the Derivative market

Understand essential terminologies of Futures and Forwards market

Understand the essential terminology and key indicators used in the world of options trading

Build expertise in a wide range of options trading strategies

Your Course Overview

12 sections 13 topics 3 hrs 50 mins content

1. Introduction to NISM

3 mins

Course Introduction

About The Course

Welcome to NISM series 8 - Equity Derivatives course on Upsurge.club, where you will gain a solid knowledge of the derivatives market. This comprehensive course is specially designed for beginners, providing you with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently clear the NISM paper 8.

In lesson 1, Introduction to NISM, you will be introduced to the course and the instructor. This will be the starting point of your journey to clear NISM series 8.

In lesson 2, Understanding Derivatives, we will build a strong foundation for your derivatives journey. First, we will learn what are derivatives and different types of derivatives like Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps. Then we will understand the types of derivatives markets and their significance.

In lesson 3, What is an Index?, we will understand what an is index and its significance. Along with that, we will also learn about different types of indices and look at derivatives indices in detail.

In lesson 4, Forwards and Futures, we will learn important terminology related to Forwards and Futures. We will also explore Futures market arbitrage using three strategy - cash and carry, reverse cash and carry, and Inter-exchange arbitrage.

In lesson 5, Options - Explained you will understand the fundamental concepts of options, including both call and put options, and will also learn how to calculate potential gains and losses for each. We will also focus on the moneyness of options and the Intrinsic and Time value of Options. Further, we will explore various parameters impacting option pricing and also learn about Option pricing models. You will also learn about the Greeks – Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega – and how they affect options pricing.

Lesson 6, Mastering Options Trading strategies is all about giving you the knowledge and skills you need to use different options trading strategies successfully. You'll learn about both long and short-straddle strategies in detail, understanding how to use them effectively. You will become skilled in long and short-strangle strategies, collar, and butterfly expanding your options trading toolkit. You will also learn about covered call, protective put and Put-call ratio along with delta hedging. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the bull call spread strategy for bullish market conditions, the bear put spread strategy for bearish markets, and the bear call spread strategy along with its applications. To wrap up this module, we will provide practical guidance on how to leverage the bull put spread strategy effectively.

Lesson 7, Trading Systems talks about different entities involved in the trading system. We will also explore different types of orders that can be placed in the markets. We will also learn the criteria on the basis of which stocks are included in the derivatives market.

In Lesson 8, Clearing and Settlement Systems, you will learn about the clearing and settlement mechanism. Focus will be on mark-to-market settlement and also on daily premium and final settlement. We will learn about risk management in the F&O market.

In Lesson 9, Legal and Regulatory Environment, you will learn about the regulations in derivative trading and also understand the responsibilities of a Clearing Corporation. You will understand who will get membership in the derivatives segment and the objectives of the Trade Guarantee Fund.

In Lesson 10, Accounting and Taxation you will learn about accounting rules in different scenarios and also about various types of taxes levied.

In Lesson 11, Sales Practices and Investor Protection Services the focus will be on customer due diligence and different client categories. We will also learn about investor grievance mechanisms.

Course Highlights:

- Develop a complete understanding of the Derivative market
- Understand essential terminologies of Futures and Forwards market
- Understand the essential terminology and key indicators used in the world of options trading
- Build expertise in a wide range of options trading strategies.

Who is this course for:

- Novices eager to establish a strong foundation in derivatives market
- Individuals looking to gain an exclusive understanding of derivatives market with a focus of clearing NISM series 8 exam
- Any individual functioning as an approved user and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange

Learn From - Himanshu Arora


Co-Founder, Finsights

10+ Years

Trainer at BSE, NSE, NIFM Institute

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora, the co-founder of Finsights, brings over 10 years of experience in financial research and analysis, with 5000+ hours of training expertise in financial markets. He has held the position of Manager-Research at Religare and is associated with NSE, BSE, and NIFM.

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