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Option Trading Course

Options Selling Strategy


Learn from Samay Khandelwal

What You Will Learn

Learn how to make options selling a full-time business

Understand strategies from the sellers' perspectives

Figure out the role of adjustment in options selling

Practice executing selling strategies in real market conditions

Importance of defining rules and having the right trading setup

Understand the psychology behind options selling

Your Course Overview

4 sections 13 topics 2 hrs 40 mins content

1. Introduction to Options Trading

10 mins


What is Options Trading?

About The Course

Learn about various strategies like Straddle, Strangle, Iron Condor, Iron Butterfly, and others. You will also gain an understanding of important concepts like time decay, options pricing, volatility, and risk management. This will help you make informed decisions and create a strong foundation for successful option selling

Learn From - Samay Khandelwal


15+ Years

Full-Time Trader

1,932 Learners

Samay Khandelwal

Samay Khandelwal, with 15 years of experience, is a full-time options trader specializing in futures, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the stock market.

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