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checkBasics of Options Trading
checkHow Options Trading Work?
checkHow to read Options & Options Chains?
checkUnderstanding Options Greeks
checkTried & Tested Options Strategies
checkPsychology of Options Trading

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5 topics  •  33 episodes  •  2 resources  •  4hr 13min

Topic 1: Basics of Option

We’ve all heard about Options trading but never really understand what exactly it is. So, in this session let us understand what are Options in a simplified way using real life examples. Let’s begin

There are two very important concepts in Options Trading that have been discussed briefly in this video. Let’s simplify it for all of us to be able to understand the fundamentals correctly. Start now!

When an issuer decides to redeem a bond before it matures, they are willing to pay more than the bond's par value. This is known as a call premium. To further understand it using a practical example, let’s deep dive into this session.

If you are perplexed by how to remember what a call option and a put option does, jump onto this session where Mr. Abhishek Kar will help you in better recollection of the concepts.

Now that we’ve understood what Options are, the next question is why do people use Options? Well, majorly Options are used for three reasons in the Indian Markets: for hedging, for speculating and by full time traders while trading. Let’s check out this video to know more!

Since the days of the barter system, every transaction has had a counterparty. Every supplier must have a buyer. The same is true for options; every option buyer needs an option seller. Let's watch the video to learn what they mean and the risks they pose.

To trade options, one needs to be familiar with terms like strike price, expiration date, premium, and many more. The instructor has covered all the necessary terminologies for options trading using Dhan's platform. So let's begin!

Extrinsic value and intrinsic value together make up the premium for an option. Intrinsic value is reflective of the actual value of the strike price versus the current market price. Time to expiration, implied volatility, dividends, and interest rate risks makeup extrinsic value. Let’s understand better in this video.

It can be tough to understand how the price of an option gets affected with the passage of time. But don't worry since we Mr. Abhishek has simplified it for us through this small yet useful hack! Learn right away!

Understanding the concept of moneyness is very important. The moneyness of an option indicates whether exercising it right away will result in a profit. There are many forms of moneyness that we have covered in this video. Let's take a look!

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