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Algo Trading Course

Risk Management and Trading Psychology


Learn from Kirubakaran Rajendran

What You Will Learn

How to become a disciplined trader

Importance of the right trading mindset

Bonus Excel exercise to build trading discipline

Understand risk management to avoid losing streaks

Your Course Overview

2 sections 16 topics 1 hr 9 mins content

1. Mastering Trading Psychology

31 mins

Introduction to Trading Psychology

Importance of Trading Psychology

Influence of Social Media Channels

Winning Vs. Losing Streaks

Developing the Right Trader's Mindset

The Secret of Successful Trader Psychology

Becoming a Disciplined Trader

Analyzing and Learning from Losing Streaks

About The Course

Welcome to the Risk Management and Trading Psychology course on Upsurge.club. In this comprehensive course, we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master two critical aspects of trading: risk management and trading psychology. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey, this course offers invaluable insights and strategies to help you succeed in the financial markets.

Lesson 1: Mastering Trading Psychology
In the first lesson, we will delve into the psychological aspects of trading. You will explore the importance of trading psychology, understand how external factors like social media can influence your trading decisions, and learn how to manage the emotional challenges associated with both winning and losing streaks. You will discover the keys to developing the right trader's mindset, the secrets of successful trader psychology, and the path to becoming a disciplined trader. We will conclude this module by showing you how to effectively analyze and learn from losing streaks.

Lesson 2: Effective Risk Management
The second lesson places the spotlight on risk management. You will gain a deep understanding of transaction costs and their impact on trade-related risks. We will emphasize the significance of having a robust trading system and implementing sound money management practices. Learn how to select the right trading system for your needs and navigate the complexities of risk management in options trading. We will guide you on how to deal with losing streaks and drawdowns while striking a balance between capital preservation and growth. As a bonus, you will receive a Risk Management Excel File to support your risk management endeavors.

Enroll in this course to gain the knowledge and skills required to navigate the financial markets with confidence, discipline, and effective risk management. Whether you're looking to refine your trading approach or are just starting your trading journey, this course will empower you to become a more successful and resilient trader.

Course Highlights:
- Understand the crucial role of emotional discipline in trading success.
- Learn how to develop the ideal trader's mindset for consistent profitability.
- Master the art of discipline in trading for long-term success.
- Gain a deep understanding of transaction costs and their impact on trade-related risks.
- Explore the importance of implementing a robust trading system and sound money management practices.
- Manage risk effectively in options trading and handle losing streaks and drawdowns.

Who is this course for?

- Traders looking to enhance their understanding of risk management and trading psychology.
- Beginners seeking a strong foundation in trading principles.
- Seasoned traders aiming to refine their risk management techniques.
- Investors interested in mastering the psychological aspects of trading for long-term success.

Learn From - Kirubakaran Rajendran


Founder, Squareoff

15+ Years

Trained 10,000+ students

Kirubakaran Rajendran

Kirubakaran Rajendran, founder of Squareoff.in, has over 15 years of experience as an algo trader and has imparted his knowledge to over 10,000 students through his courses. He is a regular contributor to Moneycontrol, where his insights are highly regarded.

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